Kevin Palombo – CEO at Happy Desk

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Most business leaders don’t have a powerful website with a clear message, so I created a 5-steps process to create a custom and connected website to grow your web success.

I am Kevin Palombo, founder of Happy Desk, I am a multilingual entrepreneur and designer who has a deep interest in new technologies and digital design.

My main concerns are to develop secure websites, easy management, satisfying RGPD standards and sublimating the image of your business.

I grew up in a self-employed and multi-entrepreneur family inculcating me the values of today’s and tomorrow‘s business. When I was 18, I established one of the first e-commerce petshop site in Belgium,, helping my father grow the family business.

I discovered a real passion for the digital and business development. After 10 years in the retail sector, I decided to introduce my passion at 100% in my life by developing Happy Desk.

I harbours a deep interest for the technology and design of the present and the future by remaining in a perpetual thirst for learning and keeping up to date of the latest novelty.

I’m multitasking and find solution to each problem thanks to my breed range of skills. Actually my key words are Digital Product Design and he creates Custom & Connected websites.

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