Ruth Friedman – Focusing Guide, Coach, Intercultural trainer

My Professional background is diverse: I am trained and experienced as a scientist, in environmental and community issues, and as an educator. I am currently working as a consultant, trainer and coach. Building on my experience in human rights and diversity education I now work interculturally supporting individuals and teams to gain a better understanding of cultural differences, to help maximise the benefits of intercultural teams and to help individuals and their families get the most out of living in a new culture.

Alongside this I also work as a Focusing Guide and Self Compassion Coach. Focusing gives me the biggest gifts – helping me find much needed distance in challenging situations, overcoming action blocks and finding more and more compassion for myself (and others) – in all our rich and glorious colours. I currently offer free introductory focusing sessions as part of my training as a ‘Trainer in Training’ with the Focusing Institute of New York.

I am from the UK and I have lived in Belgium since 2004, and I speak English and French.

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