Yumm’eat is a tasty & healthy meat-free food solution, proteins and iron loaded. It’s all 100% natural, gluten- & lactose free, free of additives & preservatives, and suitable for vegans.

More specifically, at Yumm’eat we believe that Taste is the best and sweetest way to (re)connect people while enjoying Life to the fullest. Enhancing the leguminous exclusively, we offer “ready-to-cook” healthy, tasty, and meat-free food solutions to restaurants, work & school canteens, tapas & wine bars, etc. Moreover, we are delighted to meet our clients via “Pop up” events, during music festivals and major city events.

In order to reach our “being yummy & natural” goal, we work at respecting our ingredients, and how we select them: most of them are, depending on the availability, locally produced, organic, or traditionally crafted. Moreover, we do care about using raw products, which were not chemically transformed. Last but not least, we work every day at being more sustainable in order to get the smallest environmental impact possible throughout our production processes.

Eventually, at Yumm’eat we cherish the crazy hope of (re)connecting carnivores, veggies, and vegans!