Innovation Programs

Beehive experiential journey

What can we learn from the beehive organisation in 4 practical workshops

Take your team through a collaborative journey to experiment innovative ways of working, inspired by the beehive organisation.

The ultimate purpose of these experiential workshops is to bring teams together, get them to discover new ways of working, while improving their collaboration and getting them to know each other better.

The format sits between a workshop, a training and a team day, and is designed for teams from 8 to 16 people.

The Intrapreneurship Conference

transforma bxl founders also started the Intrapreneurship Conference in 2011 from Brussels and have been curating international events and a global community of intrapreneurs since.

What started as a European conference about Intrapreneurship and Corporate Innovation has now become the premier glocal platform for intrapreneurship, having hosted highly rated intimate learning and networking events for 1500+ corporate innovators from leading brands in 12 different cities all around the world.

See where the future editions are, and join!

Well-being programs

Adopt a culture of well-being & increase your productivity

We collaborate with Pop up Yoga Concepts to provide transforma bxl members and companies in our area with well-being activities that reduce symptomatic stress and burn-out issues at the workplace.

We also provide company tailor made programs for improving the health and well-being of employees.

Join us for the Weekly Thursday yoga sessions @12:30PM and let’s talk about how to co-create a personalised experience suited to your company needs!

We love co-creation, let's talk!