Transforma bxl wins Best Innovation Award


Hello Guys !

We have exciting news to announce … transforma bxl won the Best Innovation award at the annual conference of the Belgian Workspace Association. And we are… what can we say?  Happy !



When we launched transforma bxl, our vision was to offer much more than just trendy spaces and beautiful design. Our ambition was to build an environment that is based on strong values where innovation, sustainability, and co-creation are central. Three and a half years later, we expanded from 0m2 to 2500m2, created new services and are pleased to report that we have remained true to our vision.

Today, transforma bxl is as we always imagined it: an open and stimulating ecosystem that facilitates the emergence of sustainable innovation. A place where large companies and smaller structures interact together, create new opportunities and learn from each other. A synergy between the established business world and the start-up world, which we encourage and fully support. To celebrate our prestigious award, here is a brief summary of the reasons why transforma bxl is such an innovative ecosystem:

Corporate Innovation



At transforma bxl we promote sustainable innovation. Innovating sustainably enables an organization to be economically viable, whilst having a positive societal and environmental impact. We help organisations to rethink their business models in order to adapt them to today’s economy, technology, and values. This new way of thinking about economic activity, combined with agile, collaborative and balanced management methods, brings longevity to organisations.

Recently, we developed a collaborative and practical programme that offers organisations the opportunity to try out new ways of working that are more flexible, human-centred and focused on the intrapreneurship potential of employees: the Beehive Experiential Journey. This is far from a “death by Powerpoint” training course. Instead, we offer experiential workshops that place participants in situations where they learn by doing and co-creating.

We enable teams to step out of their comfort zone and take a direction that transforms them into true agents of corporate transformation. They become ambassadors of an intrapreneurship and collaborative culture, which, combined with the right work methodologies, transforms companies into resilient, agile and sustainable organisms.


Accelerator for Sustainable projects


From experience, we know that young startups face a bunch of difficulties when it comes to taking off: Do I have the right business model? Whom do I need to contact? Does my idea meet a real market need?

Having developed our own project in a lean startup way, and having consolidated a business model that works, we now wish to help entrepreneurs to launch their own projects successfully. That’s why we launched Impact 101, the first 100% p2p accelerator in Belgium created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, and supported by transforma bxl.

The mission of Impact 101 is to put every project leader in touch with mentors based on their actual needs. transforma bxl also provides three months of free incubation and co-creation space to host monthly events. These events allow project leaders to present their ideas to a friendly audience who will help them to finetune their project proposals through feedback and recommendations.

We are currently looking for entrepreneurs and mentors… So, keyboards at the ready, registrations are open now on !

Co-creation Rooms



In our past lives as employees, we grew tired of working in spaces that were not suited to collaboration, such as individual, dull and uninspiring offices. For us, it is a no-brainer that a pleasant and inspiring work environment is essential to stimulate creativity and cooperation amongst colleagues.

It is for this reason that we came up with the idea of the Innovation Garden. A space where teams work, innovate and try out methodologies such as collective intelligence and  Design Thinking.

The encouraging feedback from visitors who have used the Innovation Garden motivated us to create a larger, more spacious room: the Co-creation Hall. Therefore, since September, we can host meetings, conferences, team buildings and creative events for up to 150 people. Pretty innovative, wouldn’t you agree?

One Last Word…


Your votes and the positive feedback from the jury has reinforced our determination to offer you the best of sustainable innovation. Soon, we will offer even more services: programmes and innovation trainings, a fab lab, a logistics center, and that’s not all… In the meantime, we would just like to say… THANK YOU!

Join us on  IMPACT 101  –   TRANSFORMA BXL  and discover the best of sustainable innovation.


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