What working in transforma bxl taught me – Account of an intern


I worked for three months as an intern in transforma bxl. This is what I learned from this experience…

As part of my Master’s in Multilingual Business Communication, I had to do an internship in a company to have a first professional experience and put into practice my language and communication skills.

I had the freedom to choose my host organization, so I started looking for a small business structure. You might ask… Why? I really wanted to learn many things while witnessing a company’s evolution, and still be able to bring my personal touch.

In my view, I wasn’t going to realize my full potential in a large and firmly established company with strict rules. On top of that, I wished to find an business whose projects are related to some of my personal values, such as environmental protection and human development. But most importantly, I was relying heavily on my internship to help me know for which type of company I would like to work later.

Well, I can say that transforma bxl lived up to my expectations! To be honest, I directly knew that I would feel at home in this community. Even before starting my internship, I found that the funny and original online offer reflected the pleasant work environment and atmosphere.

However, I didn’t just stop there and did some research on the company, its business activities and values. The first time I met Anis, he explained in more detail transforma’s mission of bringing sustainable, human-centered and innovative values to other businesses.

This point immediately convinced me, along with the sympathy of the people that I met that day and the creative and cozy decoration of the premises. No need for further reflection: the projects and tasks would meet my expectations and values, I knew it.

What can I tell after three months spent in transforma bxl?

First, I really enjoyed the working atmosphere within the team: everybody gets along and calls others by their first name, and there is no real sense of hierarchy. Obviously, the two co-founders hold the reins, but each team member preserves their autonomy in their work and has their ideas and opinions valued, no matter their position.

As far as I’m concerned, I was told on my very first day that I was doing my internship there to learn, that it was okay to make mistakes and that my work would be taken into account in the same way as any other employee’s.

I also appreciated the family and community aspect: all members are very friendly and welcoming, and you can feel that their relationships are built on friendship, collaboration and solidarity.

Regarding the work itself, I completed a tremendous number of tasks related to internal and external communication, community management and digital marketing, under the supervision of Gennesis and Anis.

The main objectives of my internship were to promote transforma bxl’s activities with a good communication strategy, and to improve communication within the community.

Let’s now move on to the heart of the matter… What have I learned from this experience in transforma bxl?

I gained in self-confidence and faith in my skills. I felt like I was considered as a full-fledged employee, and this helped me learn a lot and develop to my fullest potential.

I’ve been entrusted with engaging and meaningful missions, and I’ve immediately been given the trust of the co-founders and the other team members. They allowed much freedom for me to do things in my way, by making trials and mistakes, while still providing me with guidance when I needed it. This enabled me to find my own pace of work and to bring my personal touch to everything I did.

Having worked in transforma bxl will certainly represent added value for my working life because I regularly performed duties that digressed from my core training. In addition to putting into practice the knowledge that I already had, I developed supplementary skills that will be useful sooner or later.

I also got to know the world of entrepreneurs and freelancers: I had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of many young and motivated self-employed people, with whom I discussed the advantages and drawbacks of entrepreneurship.

“These individuals and their innovative ideas were a source of inspiration for me on a day-to-day basis, and they even instilled me with the desire to someday embark on the venture myself.”

To sum up, I spent great moments during these three months and felt as if I belonged to this organization. I met friendly and inspirational people with whom I built nice relationships.

This first professional experience enabled me to have an overview of the labor market while working on interesting projects, in a company whose activities and way of doing business are in accordance with my life philosophy and personal values.

Getting back to the expectations mentioned at the beginning, my main satisfaction lies in the fact that my internship helped me know myself better in a professional context (i.e. what kind of job I want to do later, in what kind of environment I’d like to work) and identify my strengths and weaknesses. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend transforma bxl to any intern looking for a host company!

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