Get inspired, experiment, cocreate

Innovation space for startups, corporates and SMEs

Inspire your employees to think like entrepreneurs

In 4 practical workshops

Take your team through a collaborative journey to experiment innovative ways of working, inspired by the beehive organisation.

transforma bxl is an entrepreneurial ecosystem facilitating the emergence of sustainable innovation.


Coworking in Brussels


Inspiring coworking space and private offices for startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers

Private Offices Flex Brussels


Product prototyping and warehousing solutions for IoT and e-commerce pioneers

Meeting Rooms in Brussels


An ideal event venue for off site meetings, team buildings, trainings, seminars, etc. for up to 100 people 



We organise and host relevant workshops, talks, meet ups, trainings, or simply networking drinks

Office as a Service:

A flexible workplace to work where and when you need it.

Enjoy working in a modern, well-equipped space that’s designed to boost productivity and creativity, surrounded by a friendly community of entrepreneurs to help you connect with other like minded professionals and build your network.


Get out of the building!

We help organisations transition towards a new way of working, inspired by purpose-driven, agile, sustainable and customer centric values.

Innovation: Get out of the building!

Green Key

transforma bxl is the first coworking space to obtain the Green Key label!

In accordance with our founding values, we inspire and engage our members, partners and collaborators to have a positive impact on our planet and society.

On a daily basis, we promote good environmental practices: solar panels, secondhand furniture, recycled materials decoration, local and seasonal catering, etc.


may, 2024


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