Permaculuture garden


Unify and revitalize our environment,
both botanical and civic

The origins of the project

In 2018, Transforma embarked on permaculture to transform and enhance the garden around the coworking and innovation space. Selected by “Inspirons le quartier” our project received a grant and educational and practical support.

The aim is to make it a collectively managed space, open to coworkers and citizen initiatives.

The program includes practical and friendly workshops, among other things.


A grounding of our values

The permaculture garden at transforma bxl is literally a grounding of the values that inspire us every day.

It’s these values that bring together a continually growing ecosystem of transformers: sustainable innovation, well-being, sharing, and co-creation are the most fundamental.

We wanted to provide this cocoon with an outdoor environment that reflects it well: rich, diverse, and appealing.

A dual challenge

Revitalizing our environment, both natural and social, by:

  • Restoring life, health, and beauty to our soil:

    It’s not just about creating a space where we will feel better. The real challenge is gradually bringing life and biodiversity back to our plot.

  • Gathering a community around our project:

    To mobilize all willing participants and reinvigorate an area of Evere that sometimes seems to lack a bit of vitality. There are numerous opportunities to work together, create, learn, practice, exchange, discover, marvel, etc.


In concrete terms, we dream of…

“Dream” and “concrete” are not contradictory. We have a lot of ambition and desires for this garden, and we give our all, step by step.

A portion of the planning and organization depends on the seasons, of course, but also on the support we receive through “Inspire the neighborhood.” We follow a lean startup approach, well-known to any entrepreneur: we develop, measure, learn, etc.

The different zones

In the long run, the garden will consist of a sunny raised-bed vegetable garden, an orchard, a wetland area with a temporary pond, a flower zone for bees, a water point, an area with hydrangeas accompanied by vegetable cultivation, an interzone space for kiwis, cyclanths, and vines, as well as a white willow hedge, …


Vegetables in the garden


There’s a lot to do throughout the year, and many challenges await us!

The project has a chance to bear fruit (literally!) only if our dream is shared because we cannot (and do not want to!) do everything on our own, in our own corner.

So, join us, there’s something for everyone, and one category does not exclude another, of course:


The Countryfolk:

Throughout the year, we organize “urban campaigns”: these are very occasional participatory projects, significant moments focused on a specific goal. No need to have strong muscles or specific skills. Come learn and let loose! At the end of an urban campaign, you have the highly coveted status of a countryfolk of transforma.


The Gardenauts:

Do you pledge to protect everything that’s green, tender, and sprouts from the earth? You are undoubtedly a true Gardenaut, a companion in adventure who will make the garden a better land! Between campaigns, you regularly work on maintaining the spaces. We don’t want to neglect what we have so energetically and passionately established, do we? To achieve this, we form trusted teams. Each team even has the right to choose the name it prefers.


The Fertilizing Agents:

You help us animate the ecosystem, enriching it with lots of cool initiatives. Whether you’re part of the project or come occasionally from the outside, don’t hesitate: workshops, meetups, events, everything is possible! Among the highlights of the year, we are very happy to participate in the 48 hours of urban agriculture.


The Pollinators:

You spread the word, you sow the good news. We need all the good intentions! By becoming a natural ambassador for the project, you keep the community vibrant and visible.

Join us!

The permaculture garden in transforma bxl is waiting for you to transform,
open up, and take on a new dimension.