Innovation Garden

Co-creation space for creative meetings

Getting bored of the same old meeting venues?

The Innovation Garden is a creative meeting space that has been specifically designed for co-creation workshops,
collective intelligence activities, open space events and conferences.

A modular work and meeting space

The Innovation Garden is designed for co-creation activities and creative events, it is decorated with plants, wooden pallets walls and fitted with colorful chairs and bean bags.

A comfortable faux grass carpet on the floor creates the illusion of being part of the surrounding garden which can be seen 180° through the windows.

The overall design creates a one of a kind experience, helping workshop or meeting participants feel inspired and open to collaboration.

Room Details

  • Surface: 81m2
  • Capacity: 60 ppl. seated


  • Projection screen & beamer
  • Sound system
  • Flip-charts & white board
  • Access to the cafeteria for coffee breaks and lunches

Need more information?

Contact us with your dates and your event details so we can send you an offer.