transforma lab


We are at the forefront of innovation in Brussels. We organise and host workshops, talks, meet ups, trainings and open space events where innovation takes place from the bottom up

With our co-created innovation programs, we help organisations transition towards a new way of working, inspired by purpose-driven, agile, sustainable and customer centric values.

We cover a large range of topic going from entrepreneurship development to creativity and innovation boosters. All events and activities are co-created with partners and subject matter experts.

Our focus is on four main issues

Innovation from within

We help organisations kick start intrapreneurship programs, and we support them along the way from A to Z. From establishing an entrepreneurial culture to taking new products and services to market in a lean startup way. We tap into a large pool of local and international renowned experts and mentors to co-create tailor made programs.

Empowering diversity

We reckon that it is sometimes more difficult for some people to succeed as entrepreneurs, whether it is because of their gender, ethnic group or sexual orientation.

Just like an ecosystem, our community is rich by its diversity. We don’t segregate on any basis, and we empower individuals from all walks of life.

Reinventing how we work

New values such as collaboration, connectedness, creativity, agility, personal fulfilment, community, social impact, smart mobility and sustainability are gaining momentum in the professional world.

We ambition to tackle this paradigm change from a holistic angle as we cover topics like: Intrapreneurship, collaboration platforms, well-being at work, new governance models etc.

Social Innovation
Social entrepreneurship

Our overall objective is to “do well while doing good” because we believe in social impact and its potential to drive innovation.

We keep this moto at the center of all our activities on a daily basis as we drive positive change and empower a dynamic and impactful entrepreneurial ecosystem through a variety of actions like co-organising the Positive Impact Entrepreneurs meetups, the Hack with refugees hackathon etc.

Book our co-creation space

Are you getting bored of the same old meeting venues?

Our Innovation Garden is a creative meeting space that has been specifically designed for co-creation workshops, collective intelligence activities, open space events and conferences.

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