Prototyping your products, from idea to market

Prototyping for manufacturing

A hardware prototyping space combined with a logistics-as-a-service offering to go from idea to manufacturing to market as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

• A makerspace with everything you need to design and prototype new products
• Shared workshop space
• Consultancy on rapid prototyping and idea validation


 Created in partnership with the Brussels Capital Region and CityDev

3D Printer
3D Printer
All memberships include the following services:
  • Helpful hosts/connectors
  • Access to the MakerSpace upon appointment
    (machine time and consumables billed separately)
  • Priority access to the equipment for Coworkers and residents
  • 20% discount on training and classes
  • Utilities: electricity, water and heating
  • Use of communal kitchen, cafeteria and cosy corner with TV and gaming console
  • Use of the garden, terrasse and access to our organic vegetables garden
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Parking facilities and bicycle shed
  • If you have little to no experience at all with the machines, you will have to attend a training first
  • It is required to pass a metal tool safety test before accessing the metal shop
  • It is required to pass a wood tool safety test before accessing the wood shop
    Fab Lab


    Electronics (Beginner)

    • 5 Packs of prototyping components
    • Arduino Starter Kits
    • Datalogging learning kits Arduino ESERO
    • SBC starter kits: Raspberry Pi Mediacenter Kit
    • IoT starter kit: Huzzah! Feather ESP8266
    • Wearable Tech starter kit: Flora GPS Starter Pack
    • Pi Zero W Starter pack
    • Pi-rate Radio project kit
    • Soldering stations
    • CMS repair stations
    • Desoldering pumps
    • Multimeters
    • IoT networking devkit Proximus: LoRaWAN Rapid Development Kit
    • IoT devkit: LoRa WAN track and trace Kit


    • Laser Cutter (1500×900mm): Metaquip MQ1590
    • Fiberlaser 20W (200x200mm) closed closet
    • 3axis CNC Mill (600x900mm): MLLaser
    • 3axis CNC Mill (3000x1400x200mm): Kompas F-3000
    • Heavy duty 3axis CNC Mill (600x400mm): Kompas F-600
    • Lathe + Mill combo : Kompas SF700GS
    • 100A Plasma CNC (1000x2000mm): Kompas P-2000
    • FDM 3D printer: Ultimaker S5
    • FDM 3D printer: Prusa i3 mk3 (x2)
    • 3D Scanner: 3D sense-rs
    • 3D Pen (x2)
    • Resin 3D printer: Formlabs Form 2
    • SLS Printer (2019): Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro


    • Cordless drill/driver: Bosch EasyDrill 1200 + accu
    • Angle grinder: Bosch PWS850-125
    • Jigsaw: Bosch PST700E
    • Router: Bosch POF1400ACE
    • Circular saw (160mm): Bosch PKS55A
    • Circular saw (120mm): Worx ‘Handycut XL WX427’ 710 W
    • Sliding Mitre saw (216mm): Bosch PCM8
    • Scroll saw: Einhell ‘TCSS405E’ 120 W
    • Band Saw (170mm): Einhell TC-SB 305 750W
    • Reciprocating saw: Bosch PSA700E
    • Cordless NanoBlade saw: Bosch easycut 12
    • Table saw: Einhell TC-TS 2025
    • Impact drill: Bosch Impact 800
    • Universal metal cutting machine: Einhell ‘THMC355’ 2300 W
    • Pillar Drill: Einhell ‘BTBD401’ 350 W
    • Random orbit sander: Bosch PEX300AE
    • Stationary belt disc sander: Einhell ‘TCUS400’ 375 W
    • Precision belt sander: Ferm ‘EFM1001’ 400 W
    • Router Wesco: ‘WS5039’ 1500 W
    • Stationary planer: Einhell TC-SP 204 1500W

    Electronics (Pro)

    • Dual channel oscilloscope: Rohde & Schwarz, RTC1K-52
    • Quad channel oscilloscope: GW Instek, MDO-2074EG
    • Reflow oven: Cif Athelec, FT03
    • Infrared thermometer: PeakTech, P4950
    • Fonctions generator: Rohde & Schwarz, HM8135
    • Signal generator: Aim-TTi, TGR1040
    • Derivation box: Tektronix, BB1000-EU
    • Desktop Multimeter: GW Instek, GDM-8245
    • Endoscope: PeakTech P5600
    • Stereo Microscope: Microscope stéréo Bresser
    • EMF Strength meter: Extech Instruments, 480836
    • Non-contact voltage tester: TESTO 745
    • Spectrum Analyser: RSSA3000X
    • Clamp multimeter: TRMS c.a. / c.c. F203
    • Soldering stations

    Media Lab

    • VR ready PCs w/32” monitors
    • Augmented reality headsets: Microsoft Hololens
    • Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display : HTC Vive Pro
    • VR HMD: Oculus Rift
    • 360° Camera: Ricoh Theta S
    • DSLR Camera Nikon D5600
    • Drone w/ 4k video capture: DJI Mavic Pro
    • NAS 4To: WD MY CLOUD EX2
    • Lighting and green screen studio set: BRESSER BR2116
    • Lavalier Microphone  (x2): Rode SmartLav+
    • Studio microphone set: Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Bundle
    • USB DAC Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen
    • Passive sonorisation system: the t.amp PA 4080 Package
    • Circumaural studio headphones (x2): Superlux HD-681 Evo BK


    • Gas torch: Welco 190 gr
    • MIG/TIG Welding station

    Computer Parc

    2 Systems

    • NVIDIA C.S. Extreme GTX 1070TI w/ I5-8600K
    • 32” LED AOC Q3279VWF – 2560×1440 QHD 5MS

    6 Systems

    • ”Special Edition GTX1050TI” w/ I3-8100 COFFEE LAKE
    • 23.8” LED SHS 24HVDS – 1920×1080 FHD – 5MS

    Full HD LED Projector (1920 x1080), 3100 Lumens: EPSON EH-TW650

    Access to the MakerSpace is by appointment only
    Please book a visit so we can better serve you

    CityFab2 Membership

    MakerSpace access, upon appointment with the FabManager, including:

    • Introduction training
    • Use of small tools
    • Use of electronic devices
    • MediaLab access for 100€ excl. VAT per 1/2 day

    *All prices excl. VAT / Consumables and machine time are not included and will be charged separately. / Introduction training session is mandatory in order to have access to the MakerSpace and to prepare for further machine-specific sessions.