Environmental policy and CSR

Our actions and commitments

At transforma bxl, our entrepreneurial vision serves our mission: to be at the forefront of sustainable innovation in Brussels. In accordance with our founding values we want to inspire and engage our members, partners and collaborators to behave in ways that have a positive impact on the planet and on society.

To that end, we promote social innovation, strengthen diversity, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship and facilitate new ways of working that put human beings back to the center.

Reducing our ecological footprint

In order to limit our environmental impact we chose for a passive and sustainable building that has been labelled Eco-dynamic Enterprise. We also took initiatives that enable us to save energy while taking care of the planet, such as:

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Use of rainwater for the green spaces’ watering
  • Installation of infrared taps to reduce our water consumption
  • Buildings flooded with natural light to reduce our electricity consumption
  • Green roofs to restore biodiversity and protect our urban environment
  • Installation of beehives to take care of our garden’s ecosystem

Less waste

At transforma bxl we take anti-waste actions to contribute to a better waste management: rooms decorated with recycled cardboard and salvage, waste sorting, sharing of food leftovers, water fountains to reduce plastic use,…

A sustainable partnership

We collaborate with local partners and suppliers who share the values of transforma bxl. They pay attention to their methods of production and help us:

  • Offer a brain food and fairtrade catering made of organic, fresh, local and seasonal ingredients;
  • Clean our spaces by using eco-friendly products;
  • Care for the beehives that contribute to our garden’s biodiversity, …

Collective fulfillment

Given that our members’ and collaborators’ wellness is as important to us as environmental protection, we organise regular activities to reduce the negative effects of stress at work: well-being and health programs, internal events, collective meals, yoga sessions, access to green areas and collective vegetable gardens…

A place for everyone

We are against all kinds of discrimination based on age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic origin. At transforma bxl, we give each individual the opportunity to achieve their full potential and to develop professionally.

For this reason, we:

  • Apply the principles of equal opportunities for women and local minorities;
  • Take actions to reinforce the occupational integration of the members of diversity groups, of those affected by social, economic and/or physical disabilities, and of socially and economically marginalized people such as refugees.

A committed community

We raise awareness and encourage our community members to participate in and undertake creative and sustainable projects that have a positive impact on society and on the world around us. Notable examples include the Solidarity Room, cooking workshops with organic food or the maintenance of our urban vegetable garden.

Their involvement and contribution are essential to the implementation of our corporate social responsibility and environmental policy.

Green Key label!

In 2020 transforma bxl was awarded the international Green Key eco-label, which rewards the venues that meet strict environmental criteria. We are proud to be the first coworking space to be awarded the label.

But we’re not stopping there!

In the future our outdoor areas will be converted into permaculture, in particular through the “Inspirons le quartier” grant that we received from Brussels Environment.

Our aim is to create a stable, healthy, resilient and self-sufficient ecosystem that allows biodiversity development and meets our daily needs: compost, orchards, pond, aromatic herbs, flowered meadows, ornamental plants… all of which will transform our garden.

This permaculture project is not only intended for transforma bxl’s members since it aims to have a local impact. Citizens from neighboring municipalities are thus welcome to take part in this initiative and in the different workshops that will be organised in order to collectively manage these areas.

Moreover, we want to rearrange our premises and workspaces so that they are accessible to people with reduced mobility. In order to do so, we’re currently working in close collaboration with the CAWaB organisation, some of whose members incidentally established their headquarters in transforma bxl’s offices.

Finally, from a human perspective we want, thanks to our innovation programs, to help organizations and startups rethink their operating modes, workplaces and business models in order to become increasingly sustainable.


Anis Bedda
Founder and Transformer In Chief

Paul-Henri Schyns
Co-Founder and Master Handshaker