Why transforma?


“The Times They Are a-Changin’ “

We want to enjoy our work, how we work and where we work.

transforma bxl is where competition is taken over by co-creation and where collaboration and sharing get entrepreneurs and freelancers out of their isolation.

Our mission doesn’t stop at offering workspace and meeting rooms to entrepreneurs and organisations. We are change agents who strive to have a positive impact on society:

  • by driving innovation and entrepreneurship
  • by empowering diversity
  • by promoting social innovation
  • by facilitating a human centric New Way of Working
  • by generating a positive impact on Brussels
Transmission's Plants

By entrepreneurs.. for entrepreneurs

transforma bxl is a project we created the lean startup way, for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

We launched a prototype in March 2014 on the previous grounds of Solvay Sport in Boitsfort. We tested its viability, strengthened the concept, adapted the offer and then moved to our current location in Evere, for the real take off…

In March 2022 we opened transforma Zaventem, a new cozy coworking & office space with a 1500sqm warehouse close to the airport and the Brussels ring.

If you’re interested to know our story, we have written a couple of blogposts to describe our journey: How we bootstrapped our coworking spacePart 1Part 2 and Part 3

Now sky’s the limit, our ambitions are big and our will is strong.

Be part of the dream!

Sustainable innovation

We cannot afford to consider sustainability as a “nice-to-have” box in an end of year report. It is not only an imperative concern to tackle pressing global challenges but it is also a source of great opportunities.

We approach sustainability as a business as usual prerequisite and integrate it to all our efforts in generating innovation, read our Environmental policy and CSR for more information about our actions and commitments to sustainable innovation.

In today’s world, if an emerging business model, product or service is not sustainable then it’s not innovative, period.

Innovation Garden

An inspiring space..

..that is equally good for the business and for the soul.

We Codesigned it with local artists in a way that makes work pleasant again, whether you are working on your own, with your team or enjoying a co-creation activity in our Innovation Garden.

Social transformation

Much more than a physical space, transforma bxl is a place of social transformation: a platform that brings together a creative community and provides them with the needed resources and tools to innovate, transform their ideas into action and drive forward their projects.

We particularly support projects that contribute to improve the society in which we live in.


transforma building

A sustainable building..
for an impactful project

We welcome you in a sustainable, passive building flooded with natural light and powered by solar energy.

transforma bxl is about open spaces, indoors and outdoors to help you develop your creativity and boost your projects in a stimulating and collaborative environment.

Go green!

Our community has access to a terrasse, a big garden and a vegetable garden where you can pick and help grow fresh organic produce. We have two bee hives whose job is to curate the garden’s ecosystem the same way we take care of our community of entrepreneurs.

Come enjoy a refreshing environment without leaving Brussels; who said that Brussels was gray? In transforma bxl, it’s green and full of natural light!