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Avenue Jules Bordet 13
B1140 Brussels
Tel: +32 23 18 19 20

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
From 9:00 to 19:00
Depending on the activities


59 H. Etterbeek-Ixelles –> Bordet Station
Stop: Bordet Station
15 min. from Schaerbeek Station
80 Porte de Namur –> Maes
Stop: Da Vinci
25 min. from Montgomery, Georges Henri
45 Roodebeek –> Saint-Vincent
Stop: Bordet Station
30 min. from Roodebeek
65 Gare Centrale –> Bourget
Stop: Da Vinci
30 min. from Gare Centrale, Botanique
12 Brussels City –> Brussels Airport
Stop: Da Vinci
30 min. from Schuman
62 Cim. de Jette –> Eurocontrol
Stop: Da Vinci
15min. from Melser
55 Rogier –> Da Vinci
Stop: Da Vinci
25min. from Rogier, North Station
S5 -> Mechelen / S9 -> Leuven
Stop: Bordet
7 min. from Schuman
15 min. from Bux.-Lux., Etterbeek
S7 -> Halle / S4 -> Vilvoorde
Stop: Bordet
10 min. from Delta, Merode, Meiser
15 min. from Boondael
transforma bxl access map

Easily accessible

transforma bxl is conveniently located North East of Brussels, close to the ring and the airport, not far from the NATO headquarters and directly accessible from Antwerp, Liège, Leuven or Hasselt without needing to enter into Brussels.

We are in the Da Vinci business park, a short walk away from the Bordet train station which is a public transport hub with several trains, tramways and busses available to take you from/to anywhere in Brussels and around.


transforma bxl

We’re here!