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Learn by doing

Your one-stop-shop for bottom-up innovation workshops and consultancy services.


Innovate like a startup with design thinking and business model innovation, and apply Governance & Management 3.0 principles with a focus on sustainability.

All these services favour a learning by doing/making approach aiming at achieving participant’s autonomy in running proposed services. They follow a concrete and pragmatic approach aligned with the actual situation of your organisation.

Innovate like a startup

Business Model Storming

How to swiftly innovate your business model

Discover potential pathways that lead to the creation or the update of business models by applying them either to a shared business case or a participant’s case.

During this workshop you will:
  • Discover and explore business model innovation archetypes
  • Go through the Empathise – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test process aka Design Thinking
  • Define the necessary changes and updates that will lead to the improvement of the project/business while keeping it economically sound with the help of “classical” business model tools (Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas)
  • Get acquainted with a business model visualisation tool
  • Duration : 3 hours (short version) to 1 day (extended version)
  • Public : Project managers and sponsors, SMEs, Business Units of large corporations, NGOs,…
  • Tools : Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Collective Intelligence methodologies

Design Sprint

Turning an idea into a minimal testable solution in 5 days

Move from an initial idea to a minimal testable solution with a positive impact in 3 or 5 days.

During this workshop you will:
  • Progressively boost your concrete project and iterate towards a solution thanks to Lean Startup and Agile approaches

Medium and large corporations can use this type of workshop to fill the innovation pipe with horizon 1 (short term) and horizon 2 (medium term) solutions.

  • Duration : 3-5 days
  • Public : project holders, SMEs, Business Units of large corporations
  • Tools : Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Collective intelligence methodologies, Scrum methodologies

Innovation Circle

Identifying your personal innovation development potential

Discover the main critical elements of innovation and get a personal assessment and report on how to improve your innovation capabilities

During this highly interactive 3 hours workshop, you will :
  • Discover the key dimensions of innovation (processes, culture, leadership, capabilities and types of innovation)
  • Explore and discuss the results of your personal assessment on these innovation dimensions
  • In preparation to this workshop you will be invited to complete an InnoSurvey at least 1 week before the event.
  • Duration : 1/2 day workshop
  • Public : SMEs, Business Units of large corporations

Innovation Assessment

Identifying your organisation’s innovation potential

Assess your organization in a methodical way on all dimensions of innovation : processes, culture, leadership styles, capabilities & types of innovation

This is what you can expect:
  • An innovation diagnosis based on a highly participatory and ad hoc diagnostic process
  • A benchmark with more than 1,000 other companies and more specifically with the top innovators.The goals is to highlight
  • The strengths and gaps of the innovation ecosystem in line with organization’s business strategy.
  • A set of “treatments”​ based on the diagnosis. These actions are aimed at designing the innovation journey for your organization, services or departments towards the H1 (short term), H2 (mid term) and H3 (long term) innovation strategy.
  • Timeline : 3 weeks for data collection (survey) & consolidation  + 1/2 day for results presentation + 1 day workshop on the action plan
  • Public : SMEs, Business Units of large corporations
  • Tool : InnoSurvey of the Innovation 360 AB Group

New ways of working & managing

Governance & Management 3.0

Taking your processes to the next level

Put in place cooperative and dynamic work processes within the ecosystem of your organisation

This is what you can expect:

The workshop unveils and explores the new ways of working and collaboration that support the implementation of sustainable business models: Management 3.0, Holacracy/ Sociocracy 3.0, Modern Agile, multi-stakeholders governance,…

It’s a step by step coaching, working towards your full autonomy with the possibility to start in a studio mode on a project or a portfolio of projects.

  • Duration : 2 days (kick off) + 1 + 1 days for follow up and advanced course (optional)
  • Public : SMEs, Business Units of large corporations


Positive Ecosystem Design

Safeguarding sustainability

Design an ecosystem of positive impact players throughout the entire value chain of your organisation, focusing on sustainability

During this workshop, you will map and design strategies to set up a win-win and efficient ecosystem within your organisation or department by :
  • Identifying the different stakeholders as well as their material and immaterial needs and resources
  • Establishing a collaboration canvas with selected actors
  • Developing ad hoc value propositions that fit the different actors by tackling specific “threats” and seizing “opportunities”
  • Investigating the 8 sustainability-focused business model archetypes and their 50+ company business models
  • Duration : 2 days
  • Public : project holders, SMEs, Business Units of large corporations

As the goal of the workshop is to analyse the entire value chain of your organisation or team, inviting the representative actors of the different components of the value chain is recommended.


Accelerating sustainability-focused ideas/projects

Challenge a “sustainability” idea and create a momentum to raise awareness among your employees. And turn the selected ideas into prototypes.

Our sustainathon is a two-staged process based on :
  • a crowdsourcing phase to test ideas
  • a two days acceleration workshop to turn the selected ideas into prototypes

The sustainathon can be applied to a single organisation and/or a network of organisations

  • Duration : 2 days (workshop) + 2 weeks (sustainability idea challenge)
  • Public : SMEs, Business Units of large corporations, territorial associations

Sustainability Design

Using Design Thinking for innovation

Develop sustainable and/or circular innovations by applying the Design Thinking methodology (understand – make – release). Transform a linear business into a high positive impact venture

What to expect?
  • a highly interactive and participative process
  • you will go through the design thinking process while exploring different sustainability archetypes and their related business models.
  • Duration : 1 day (short version) or 2 days (extensive version) workshop
  • Public : SMEs, Business Units of large corporations, territorial associations
  • Tools : (Human-Centered) Design Thinking, 8 sustainability archetypes, 50+ sustainability-focused business models, Collective Intelligence methodologies, Lean Startup

Smart Metabolism

Optimizing your resource flows

Develop a multi-stakeholder pipeline of projects aimed at closing the loop/mutualising resource flows on a territory.

During this workshop, you will :
  • Map resource flows
  • Ideate on potential flow connections
  • Move from idea to solution
  • With the help of robust approaches like “Scan/Screen/Implement” and “Systemic Design”.

As the nature of the workshop is to connect resource flows on a territory, gathering different stakeholders of your ecosystem for the workshop is recommended.

  • Duration : 3 days
  • Public : SMEs, Business Units of large corporations, territorial associations

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