Unlock the creative potential of your team through Wellbeing

Stress and Burnout related symptoms are increasingly becoming a concern across the corporate landscape. However, some simple and approachable exercises and approaching health in a holistic way have shown to significantly reduce symptomatic stress and burnout issues at the workplace.

With this workshop you will:

  • Acquire the tools to create a culture of wellbeing at the workplace
  • Experience how meditation and stillness unlock creativity
  • Practice mindfulness, yoga and breathing techniques for stress relief and burnout prevention

Workshop sequence:

  • Demystify mindfulness and discover the benefits that it can yield at the workplace (1.5 hours)
    • Guided Breathing Sessions: The way we breath impacts the way we feel. Prana (Breath) Yama (Control) is the skillful art of controlling the breath with various guided instructions.
    • Guided Mindfulness Sessions: An introduction to understanding the benefits of mindfulness and what it can bring to the office environment.
  • Introductory Yoga Program for beginner and intermediate practitioners (1.5 hour)
    • Experience how moving and stretching the body in particular ways can relieve the body from tension from sitting at a desk
    • Understand how your body and mind are interconnected.
  • Healthy Lunch Nutritional Break (1 hour)
    • Organic, nutritionally-balanced and healthy meal.
    • Wellbeing and nutritional tips with practical, holistic advice on the do’s and don’ts to enjoy a balanced office lunch.

Participants will leave with:

  • Stress resilience tools: Relaxation, mindfulness and restorative techniques
  • Grounded sensation and improved creativity
  • Wellbeing Follow-up and accountability

This wellbeing package includes rental of premises, 3 hour wellbeing workshop, facilitation of event and a healthy catered for lunch with drink.
Total time: 4 Hours

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