Why is transforma bxl CBRE’s Office Space of the Year?


transforma bxl competes in CBRE’s Office Space of the Year Contest to bring our mission of employee well-being to more workspaces

transforma bxl is a candidate for CBRE’s Office Space of the Year Contest that rewards the most attractive workplace in Belgium. Help us out by liking our pictures on CBRE’s Office Space of the Year Instagram account for us to win in the Public Voting category and spread the message of workspaces that are designed for employee well-being! Let’s bring well designed workspaces to the wider entrepreneurial community in Brussels!

Today’s labor market is undergoing a major transformation: the traditional way of working no longer corresponds to workers’ reality and needs. Coworking allows entrepreneurs and freelancers as well as employees the flexibility and community they need to feel good, be creative and stimulated. We at transforma bxl address this need by implementing breakthrough work models.

Coworking spaces, co-creations rooms, well-being activities – all to foster workers’ happiness

We have designed transforma bxl as a multicultural and multilingual community that offers a dynamic ecosystem to promote synergies in the entrepreneurial world. We bring freelancers and startups together with established corporates to bring out the agile, entrepreneurial spirit in all organisations. In doing so, we facilitate sustainable innovation and have a positive impact on society.

We also provide a work environment that meets the needs of coworkers, startups and corporates and helps them achieve their maximum productivity. That means not just offering workspaces and meeting rooms that are aesthetically pleasing but instead providing inspiring workspaces that are specifically designed for our community’s needs. We want companies to step out of their comfort zone and get out of their building to realize that human beings and their needs are at the center of any organization.

That’s why we have created a coworking space that is bright and conducive to concentration. Our independent workers and startups tell us that they feel at home in our private offices, while bigger companies find what they are looking for in our modular and fully equipped co-creation rooms. Moreover, we are in the process of building a Fab Lab, a permaculture garden and a shared storage space, so that our 2500 sqm solar-powered and passive building will soon entirely be dedicated to innovation, sustainability and well-being in our community. Not to forget, we also have a leisure area with sofas, an xBox game console and a Guitar Hero set where members can take a break and relax, and we regularly organise different activities during which the community gathers to share quality moments and take a breath, such as yoga classes and potlucks.
That’s what makes our coworking space a human-centered fulfilling workplace with a bubbling entrepreneurial spirit where workers can strike a satisfactory work-life balance. But our mission goes beyond offering this environment. We also help other organizations create workspaces according to the needs of their employees and innovate in a sustainable way. To do that, there is no ready-made recipe that suits everyone; each company, community or organization is different and has different expectations. That’s why we approach every client need individually and offer a tailor-made program.

We also want to bring these designs to you. We offer workshops for our members and interested partners to develop a human-centered culture, human-centered processes, structures and workplaces in your environment. One such workshop type is the Beehive experiential Journey where we activate purposeful, sustainable and responsible innovation within companies. Many organizations have problems hiring workers and dealing with the psychosocial risks that the employees may face. We are convinced that the way in which companies develop, work and integrate constant change has a huge influence on the quality of the workplace. That’s why that all of these elements have to be carefully considered to ensure employees’ well-being, and so also the company’s success, attractiveness, reputation and ability to innovate.

Help us bring this vision to more people – vote for us as your favorite coworking space!

This vision and our drive to offer a quality workspace where entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and corporates feel good and enjoy their job is why we take part in CBRE’s contest!

The award certifies the quality of the office space and corporate culture of a company and its dedication towards its employees’ happiness and clients’ satisfaction. The winner will be designated by a professional jury composed of experts from the real estate, human resources and communication sector. It would be an honor for us to have this external validation of what’s genuinely written in our DNA: well-being at work.

Besides the Office Space of the Year Award, the jury will grant five Special Awards. In the Public Voting category, you can make a difference by liking our pictures on CBRE  Best Office Instagram account.  So we are calling on you to help us out winning this award! The competition runs until the 22 April. Stay tuned to hear about the results!

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