Lego® Serious Play®: Coworking Spaces World

11jun18:3021:00Lego® Serious Play®: Coworking Spaces Worldtransforma Loi18:30 - 21:00

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Join us on Tuesday 11th of June for an evening discovery of Lego® Serious Play®.

  • How Lego® can empower people in the coworking spaces world?
  • How does it impact your mobility?
  • How is a day to day journey in a coworking space?
  • How to use well coworking spaces as leverage of your business?

Every participant will be a “ key speaker ”, we will use the Lego® bricks to exchanges on the latest news and released technologies.

Only 15 – 20 seats will be available for this Meetup; Eventbrite registration is mandatory.


  • 18.30hrs: Welcome
  • 19.00hrs: Introduction of a playful method
  • 19.30hrs: Lego® in action
  • 20.45hrs: Wrap up


The “Lego Serious Play method” is a method developed by the Lego corporation for organizations, teams, and individuals to play towards creative solutions.

The “Lego Serious Play method” is a meeting format. But instead of a lot of talking and focus on the issue, in this format, the hands and the imagination of the participants are the guidelines. This results in rich solutions compared to the traditional way of meetings.

One of the starting points behind this concept is “The solution is in the room”.


As every participant is implicated and as the facts/solutions are coming in an honest way on the table, a new trust and commitment is born. The solutions are coming by ‘themselves’ on the table.

Key components:

  • Playing
  • 3D models
  • Storytelling


After this session:

  • You are setting the first steps in a new creative way to build solutions by constructing your ideas with the Lego blocks.
  • You learn to know the creativity of your colleagues by their models and story.


References worldwide:

Companies in more than 27 countries worldwide use the ‘Lego serious play method’ for the improvement of communication in teams, their strategic planning, sustainable customer satisfaction, successful Project management and to build better teams. (f.i.Shell, Microsoft, Unicef, Mercedes,…)


Facilitator Lego Serious Play – Paul Eckly:


(Tuesday) 18:30 - 21:00


transforma bxl (transforma Loi)

Rue de la loi 42, 1000 Brussels