Our aim is to support passionate & forward-thinking communities on air, through podcasts.

It brings a status and a legal framework for different Podcast projects that were up to now produced as a hobby by de Facto associations:

  • HR Voices and Visions, who is now merged with Hrmeetup
  • Project-Daybreak (presenting artists and their passion) now replaced by What’s your Story and managed by David Van Den Broeck
  • Midoricast who aims at sharing success stories around the environment, conservation, climate change & ecology. This project is in confirmed collaboration with transforma bxl.

It promotes this kind of media (and others) in order to be positioned as a « guarantee of democracy»: the content will always be produced by the public and for ‘public at large’ without political, commercial and lobbyist influences. so, it promotes other Podcast projects by providing:

  • logistics
  • free training
  • coaching and follow-up
  • a community of help and experience sharing, events between Podcasts producers or about different themes that are tackled.
  • an online community & podcast hosting platform (Podcast Owners (proposed by The Podcast Factory) is available on FaceBook.
in the idea that others can produce their own content.
So if you want to join the community and/or for more information: please contact Michel Godart via Linkedin. You can already use the tag #ThePodcastFactoryOrg for all your podcasts publication and also like, comment & share always the posts you find with this tag to support others!

It acts! 

After the speech and media, we have to provide solutions and concrete actions to the subjects that were tackled. It can be:

  • a mobile app that references local and organic producers
  • the fact of providing a workforce to other associations or organizations
  • the organization of waste collection in the streets with the help of volunteers
It is impossible to catalog the list because we want us to be agile and context adaptive but the idea will always be to bring an added value to our society, humanity, and environment. One of our biggest projects will be to reconnect to the tradition of oral transmission between generations by way of podcasts and life stories which will be edited.
To support us :
We’re constantly coming up with new ideas, please support us with a donation to help us make our projects come true! Triodos : BE73 5230 8097 4160

The Association is co-created by:

  • David Van Den Broeck
  • Michel Godart
  • Caroline Gasia
  • Magali Martin
  • Christine Mentior
  • Geoffroy Thirion