5 advantages of co-warehousing

Co-warehousing what’s that all about? 

We all share our houses on Airbnb, we share the same car on Cambio.be and also our Netflix membership on Spliiit. 

As coworking and co-living, co-warehousing is a new product of the sharing economy. This socio-economic system is built around the sharing of resources. In the last few years, we got more and more familiar with co-warehouse. 

The concept itself it’s simple: co-warehousing (collaborative warehousing) consists of sharing a mutual warehouse within different companies, e-commerce businesses and entrepreneurs selling physical goods. 

Sharing a warehouse with others comes with lots of benefits for small and medium businesses.


Sharing costs 

The first benefit from co-warehousing is the cost-sharing, you share the bills (utility, security etc.) with the community. If you work in the e-commerce sector and you have to prepare and ship your  orders, you can benefit from better shipment rates for your deliveries by grouping your shipments with the community. 

Work with good quality professional equipment

Moreover, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment such as forklifts, pallet scooters and huge industrial racks. Professional equipment is provided, safety material is maintained and everything is included in the price.

Flexible terms and conditions

The space you use is the space you pay for. The terms and conditions are generally really flexible and the amount of space needed can be adjusted in function of your needs, seasonality and activity flow. In transforma, you can pick and choose how much warehouse space you need and when you need it.

Multiple services (can be provided)

Co-warehousing depots can also provide tailor-made offers for e-commerce businesses such as order fulfillment. In this case, the warehouse operator receives deliveries, stores it in your area, prepares orders and ships parcels. 

In transforoworking facilities are combined with the co-warehousing ones. You can rent an office or a flexible desk for you and your team. So, you don’t have to get back to your place or to your office located somewhere else, you just have to exit the warehouse and start working again. There you can benefit from all the facilities of a coworking space such as good Internet connection, professional equipment, nice working environment, fair trade coffee and tea, free parking and a lot more.

Sense of community 

Last but not the least, integrating a structure of co-warehousing gives you  the opportunity to be part of a community of entrepreneurs. You will meet startups founders, e-commerce owners and many other interesting profiles. You will have a unique possibility to exchange over best practices, create synergies and new collaborations. 

The e-commerce entrepreneurs we welcome operate in various sectors. We are really proud to host :  Muuselabs with their Jooki, Mon Cafetier with their all-inclusive (machine and coffee),  STEP for the rent and repair of electric scooters and many others, FIKA with their healthy snacks and many others. 

transforma bxl coworking Brussels

The best solution for an e-commerce business 

Co-warehousing is the best solution for online shopkeepers, companies in the e-commerce industry and startups. Most of the biggest e-commerce companies have taken up the available warehouse spaces and made it difficult for small businesses to find storehouses.

Co-warehousing will help relieve this problem. It allows companies of all sizes to find warehouse spaces that will work well for them.

What can transforma do for you ? 

At transforma we want to offer the best possible combination of services to our community.  Transforma is the place where everything you need to grow your business is under the same roof.

With 2 localisations, Evere and Zaventem, that are easy to reach and close to the highway and the International Airport. We have created an exceptional place with meeting rooms and creative spaces, coworking space and private offices, a podcast studio, more than 1500 sqm warehouse, a fablab and an amazing garden. 

In the last few years, the e-commerce sector boomed. We saw a need for storage space and we decided to create a hub dedicated to e-shop keepers combined with office facilities such as private offices, coworking space and meeting rooms.

If you are looking for the perfect solution between office spaces and warehouse solutions to stock your goods in the Brussels Region or in the Flemish Brabant region, transforma is the place to be.

We have taken the concept of coworking to the next level offering flexible warehouse space and services. The place where logistics meets coworking and the perfect working environment for start-ups and businesses to work, store, operate and ship merchandise.

One day of free coworking!

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