Transforma bxl crowdfunding its expension, welcomes Openfab and O’kitchen

It has been a few months now that we have started this crazy project of transforming the previously known “Solvay Sport” club house into a Coworking and Innovation space. We grabbed an amazing opportunity to give a second life to this Expo 58 style building surrounded by a park with the aim to start a thriving community and prototyping the concept of a multidisciplinary entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem.

We started with very-limited-self-financed resources, we recycled “vintage” furniture found on site, and only bought a few second hand elements that we reused. Although we don’t have topnotch designers furniture in @transformabxl, we managed to create a cosy and professional environment surrounded by plants, to add to the green sights of the park and the natural light shining on la Rotonde and la Veranda, the 2 main coworking rooms.

Our objective from this project was to prove that what matters in this type of ecosystem, are the community and the content you bring in and not the walls nor the fourniture. Of course, we found a great help in the magnificent environment in which we come to work everyday, a 5ha parc in the middle of brussels, just a few miles away from Louise, cimetière d’Ixelles and right next door from Bois de la Cambre and the Ring of Brussels.

More than a physical space transforma bxl is a space of social transformation: a platform that brings together a creative community, and provides them with the needed resources and tools to innovate, transform their ideas into action and drive forward their projects. We particularly love projects that contribute to improve the society in which we live in.

transforma bxl at a glance:

The power of collaboration!

From the beginning our intent was to open the project to whoever feels she/he could have an addition to the construction: a community of innovators and entrepreneurs, and a space where you could work, meet interesting people and learn about new ideas. Quickly the team grew, and here we are on the verge of ending a month long crowdfunding campaign to accelerate the development of the integration of a FabLab and a shared professional kitchen.

The idea is to create the first multidisciplinary, collaborative space in Belgium where not only traditional users of coworking spaces collide, but also makers and kitchen professional. In this environment, collaboration and serendipity goes exponential, as people with complementary skills get to share the same physical environment, get to know each other and eventually enrich each other.


The power of the community!

We are close to the end of the crowdfunding campaign, in 4 days we will know whether or not we reached our goal of crowdfunding 7500€, at the time of writing 78% of the campaign amount has been contributed and 22% are still to be collected.

With your participation in the crowdfunding campaign, you can choose a reward in exchange of your contribution. A large choice is available, from 5€ to 5000€:

  • Discounted memberships for the coworking space, fablab or shared kitchen. Past june 29th, only regular rates will apply, so do not miss this opportunity to join our community of innovators !
  • Tailor-made furniture produced in our FabLab
  • Organising your own meeting, networking event or garden party
  • Or simply receive an exclusive invitation to our “Thank You” BBQ on june 29th, a FabLab produced keychain or a bag of cookies made with love in our kitchen.

So do not wait until it is too late to take a look at the campaign, there is a big chance that you might find something suitable for you…

And maybe we’ll see you on June 29th for the thank you BBQ at @transfromabxl

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