Hackathon Open Data Brussels: List of Available Datasets

The first Hackathon Open Data of Brussels is taking place on October 17th and 18th at transforma bxl.

Here is a first list of Brussels focused open data sets that will be available for the participants. The City of Brussels, through it’s Open Data Platform, and the CIRB – CIBG (IT center of the Brussels Region) will be our main suppliers of data.

1. City of Brussels

The City of Brussels – one of our co-organizing partners – is supplying with the broadest collection of datasets via the City of Brussels Open Data portal, which has been created by the municipality a few months ago. The platform is growing day by day and offers an access to more than 260 datasets.

Here below is a short overview of the different data categories you may find on the platform:

  • Demography, Environnement, Childhood : 18 datasets
  • Government, Finance, Local Economy, Markets : 21 datasets
  • Administration, People, Citizenship : 19 datasets
  • City planning, Urbanism, Housing : 8 datasets
  • Culture, History : 15 datasets
  • Heritage, Folklore : 19 datasets

Those data are produced by the following entities the City of Brussels, IBZ and Bruxelles Mobilité. Out of 261 datasets, 152 are geo-tagged with GPS information. Maps are available. API’s are also available for smooth integration with the team developments.


CIRB – CIBG, our other co-organizing partner, with the support of the Brussels-Capital Region, is also providing open datasets for the Brussels Region.

Experts from CIRB – CIBG will attend the Hackathon to support the teams on using the UrbIS Open Data

3. Other Open Data sources

Besides the links above, there are a couple of interesting links from other entities, which include Brussels related data:

Current Application / Services proposals

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