A successful 1st edition of the PIE (Positive Impact Entrepreneurs) TIME event at transforma bxl

We were about 40 supporters of a positive impact entrepreneurship for this first edition of PIE-TIME at transforma bxl where we discovered 3 very interesting projects pitched by their initiators.

PIE-TIME is a monthly event where initiators of positive impact projects share their idea/project and take profit from the group dynamic created by the participants to overcome challenges and issues highlighted by the entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a positive dynamic favouring the emergence of meaningful entrepreneurial projects and to support social innovators and social entrepreneurs.

After each pitch, participants were invited in subgroups to provide their feedback with the help of Jamstorming, a collaborative and interactive app created by transforma bxl member Frédéric Williqquet. Jamstorming facilitates the emergence of food for thought and actions then asks participants to vote on other groups’ submissions. Passion, engagement and debates were at the heart of these highly interactive moments.

After a well deserved break, the audience splitted into 3 groups in order to deep dive into the projects and investigate further some of the options that were highlighted previously.

Then back to the main room when we ended up the evening with a less formal moment for networking…and rehydration 🙂

Thank you to all those who joined this first edition that should be seen as a “dry run”. Lessons have been learnt and, thanks to the numerous feedback given by the participants, the organising team has already identified ways to improve the next events !

You liked the 1st event ? You will adore the future PIE events… PIE-TIME #2 will take place on October 8th at transforma bxl, don’t miss it !

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