Going TEAL

26oct18:4521:45Going TEALFrom Theory to Daily Practice18:45 - 21:45

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More and more organizations are considering going TEAL these days. Holacracy (and also Sociocracy) is becoming the buzzword of the moment, and some companies have tried to implement these systems–most failed.

In this workshop, Graham Boyd will explore with you two elements that these companies seem to be missing, but which are essential for the successful implementation of a TEAL structure:

  1. The Human aspect, i.e., the need to take into account not only each individual’s stage of development, but also their talents and skills and by fitting them with the overall purpose of the organization, creating the necessary flow to generate cohesion and prosperity for all.
  2. The Legal structure, i.e, how to use the limited company in a different way, to take the essence of self organizing all the way to the shareholder and ownership level. Graham will talk about two legal structures he has used in the UK to anchor teal into the legal bedrock.

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A small contribution of EUR 10 to snacks and drinks will be appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Rob Bigge, Anita Sheehan and Graham Boyd