Healthy Morning Habits at Transforma bxl

04dec08:0010:00Healthy Morning Habits at Transforma bxlYoga session and Healthy Breakfast08:00 - 10:00

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Start your Week right with a workshop into health in mind and body!

Curious about what Mindfulness and Yoga is and the benefits it can yield for productivity at the workplace?

In this one hour session, we will guide you with a carefully scripted introduction into Mindfulness and how this can benefit your mood and entire day at the office.
Thereafter we will start a 45 min session of Gentle Stretching in order to elevate your energy and vitality of your body by unlocking tension.
When the body is sedentary, the mind becomes stressed as a result and therefore we become less productive.

All levels are welcome!

What’s on the FOOD side after your class?

A slightly different breakfast, more on the salty side with some healthy dense protein and nutritional value, for a more dynamic and productive day, without feeling exhausted.
You will have fresh made sourdough bread, home made spreads, eggs & other vegan protein, fresh veggies and a healthy hot beverage.

All of this for only 20 euros!

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