IMPACT NIGHT @transforma bxl

23jan18:3021:30IMPACT NIGHT @transforma bxlIt's not just another pitching night !18:30 - 21:30

Event Details

Hey Impacters! 👋

We’re back for the first event of 2018! We used to call that a “pitching night” in 2017. But that was 2017… 😉 And we understood, thanks to you, that it was way more than just a pitching night.

So we hope you’ll join us again this year with all your curiosity and enthusiasm so that we can continue helping great projects to grow together. We can’t wait to see you on January 23rd!

Why should you come?

You are going to discover two new innovative projects aiming to have a positive and sustainable impact on society. But most of all we are all going to roll up our sleeves and, thanks to a collective facilitated brainstorming, we will generate ideas and identify solutions to truly help our guest entrepreneurs solving their biggest current challenges. You’ll see: it’s a lot of fun, and it makes a big difference for the entrepreneurs’ projects you’re helping. Help to change, be the change. Together, let’s have an impact!

Our guests

This time we are happy to welcome Dean and Sebastien!

Dean will talk about Muebox, a platform that gives music artists creative control by connecting them to a network of their peers so they can make music how, When, whenever and with whom ever they want.

Sebastien is thinking about how to make the most of some of the « lost » moments in our lives: commuting in the city is often a stressful moment, a moment where in the hurry we try to pick up some information on our smartphone, or on its best, a moment of daydreaming. But finally, at the end of the day, what do we remember of this moment? His goal is to explore original ways to make of this “lost” moment an inspirational journey which can lead to new perspectives…

⚠️ Sandwiches and drinks will be served, we will ask for 5€ at the door as a participation to the catering fees.

⚠️ This time, it will be all in English!

About Impact 101

Impact 101 is a co-created project by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, supported by transforma bxl, whose members collaborate with passion and energy to drive forward entrepreneurial projects that positively impact the world.

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