Launch of Impact101

26jun19:0022:00Launch of Impact101A p2p ecosystem for sustainable innovation19:00 - 22:00

Event Details

We are pleased to invite you to the launch Meetup of Impact 101, a purpose-led and peer-to-peer ecosystem created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs in order to generate sustainable innovation.

This new concept combines an enspiral-like community of entrepreneurs with the PIE-time events.

Our intent:

  • Support aspiring impact entrepreneurs to fast forward the development of their projects
  • Facilitate the creation of a trusted community of entrepreneurs and freelancers that collaborate with each other and co-create projects, on the model of Enspiral.
  • Facilitate the emergence of collaborations between the different circles of contributors. The serendipity created will prompt new impactful projects to emerge.

How does it work?

  • Mentoring: Experienced entrepreneurs mentor and support new entrepreneurs committed to sustainable projects.
  • Co-creation: We organise events on the format of Positive Impact Entrepreneurs Brussels where inspiring sustainable entrepreneurs pitch their projects, present their challenges, and benefit from a collective facilitated brainstorming to generate ideas and identify solutions to their challenges.
  • Incubation: An incubation period of 3 months provided for free by transforma bxl to the selected projects to allow them to kick start their projects in a safe and curated environment.

The Impact 101 ecosystem relies on:

– Three main circles of actors:

  • An active pool of talented entrepreneurs / freelancers ready to mentor, provide pro bono help, develop projects that matter, and potentially become co-founding partners.
  • A community of supporters ready to reinvent the world and to support Impact+101
  • Project lead/ candidate entrepreneurs ready to spend a significant amount of their time to make their dreams come true.

– Live events on the model of Positive Impact Entrepreneurs PIE-TIme events. Where participants are invited to help project leaders find solutions to their challenges.

– A physical space: transforma bxl, to incubate emerging projects

– Processes that are transparent to the entire ecosystem

  • Co-decision: with the help of dynamic governance tools (advice process, holacracy, delegation poker)
  • Co-budgeting: through the Co-budget tool
  • Co-financing: through Open Collective

Join us on monday june 26, in transforma bxl to know more about the concept, and to identify how you can take action and contribute.

Looking forward to co-create with you.

Philippe Drouillon & Anis Bedda