Lunch & Learn: How to optimize the price of my products/services?

24oct12:0014:00Lunch & Learn: How to optimize the price of my products/services?Free event!12:00 - 14:00

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Price is the most impacting profit driver. Most companies struggle to understand and quantify the intimate relationship between price and the main performance indicators such as the volume, the revenue, and the profit. This can lead to disastrous impacts on company’s growth and profitability.

The challenge is even bigger for start-ups:

  • They need to grow, validate a product-market fit and, in most of the case, chase revenue or profit.
  • They develop innovative products/solutions/services. Hence, there are only a few competitors to compare with. Sometimes, there is no competition at all.
  • They neglect their pricing for several reasons such as the lack of awareness about pricing importance, lack of knowledge about pricing methods, lack of time and resources and lack of tools.

Many startups already failed because of bad pricing decisions despite a good product-market fit. So, stop neglecting your pricing and come at Transforma to meet Pricing Pact, a company specialized in pricing!

During this Lunch & Learn session, you will have the chance to go through 3 pricing workshops.

During those workshops of 20min, you will discover some techniques to improve your pricing capabilities.

  • The “Price Sensitivity” workshop: learn how to measure potential customers’ price sensitivity and discover which price will maximize the volume or the revenue.
  • The “Perceived Value” workshop: learn how to measure the relative importance of price in the purchase decision of potential customers and understand how to design your offering to maximize the perceived value.
  • The “Psychological and communication pricing tricks” workshop: learn how to use psychological and communication tricks to defend your value (and your price) or to influence customer’s purchase behavior

We can’t wait to see you!


October 24th

12 pm – 2 pm

13 Av. Jules Bordet -1140

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