Making Teal Real

26jan18:4521:45Making Teal RealHow can you actually achieve a Teal organisation?18:45 - 21:45

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“All of us yearn for better ways to work together – for more soulful workplaces where our talents are nurtured and our deepest aspirations are honoured.” ~ Frederic Laloux

Most people would agree with Frederic Laloux’s statement. But, how can you actually achieve a Teal organisation? For many, it’s a big leap from a Red, Amber, Orange or even a Green organisation to a Teal one. It would be a bold or perhaps even foolish leader who would make that switch without some reassurance that it could succeed.

  • What if there already existed a toolbox to minimise the risk on the one hand and to enable the Teal organisation on the other?
  • What if anyone could learn to use these tools consistent with the principles of Teal?
  • What if these tools provided the individual and collective insights that can facilitate the realisation of Teal?

What will we do?

In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to some tools that have the potential to enable:

Self-management – where people have high autonomy and are accountable for coordinating with others; where power and control are deeply embedded through the organisation and no longer tied to the specific positions of a few leaders.

Wholeness – where people can feel free to fully express themselves and bring unprecedented levels of energy, passion and creativity to work.

Evolutionary purpose – where people base their strategies on what they sense the world is asking from them and they have the agility to respond accordingly How will we do this?

After an overview of the tools, we’ll let you play with them in an interactive way – to explore what is possible and how you could take these into your own world of work. You’ll take part in a collective learning exercise where things will emerge based on the energy, passion and creativity of the group. Teal doesn’t fall from the sky.

Therefore, we’ll explain how anyone can become skilled in using and applying these tools in the workplace, where these tools are no longer the domain of a certain group of people, where people can play to their natural strengths and assume the roles that best suit them and their teams.

What if you attend?

You may just find yourself at the emerging cutting edge of being able to take those first innovative steps towards being able to implement Teal – to Make Teal Real! Learning should be fun – so please bring your sense of humour!

We will be providing snack and drinks, as usual. To cover the costs we ask for a minimum contribution of EUR 10.

Your guides:

Gerry Murray:
Gerry  has carved out a reputation as a leading figure in Personal & Professional development. He is the author of Exploring the Future of Work: Insights for Leaders and their organisations. He founded Wide Circle in 2003.

Wide Circle works with clients to create great places to work where people enjoy what they do, are engaged & passionate and can perform at their best. This includes learning how to collaborate more effectively with others.

Wide Circle is Solutions Partner for Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) in Belgium and Gerry is certified as a HATS trainer. He has also trained in Radical Collaboration.

Gerry has a degree in Linguistics & French from University College Dublin, an MBA from Manchester Business School and a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He’s a Master Coach & NLP Trainer and has a certificate in Applied Neuroscience.

He is one of the first people in the world to be certified as a Practitioner of Brain & Behaviour Change by Professor Patricia Riddell of the University of Reading.

Rob Bigge:
Rob’s focus is on supporting organisations grow and maintain more effective, agile and resilient organization, in particular through a focus on individual, team and organizational collaboration.

Since leaving IBM in 2000, Rob has been involved in a number of start-ups. In 2004 Rob co-founded the GreenHouse Group, a Brussels-based consultancy, training and consulting company ( The GreenHouse Group grew rapidly through its involvement in a number of international collaborations and was acquired by Educationtrend in 2008. Since leaving the GreenHouse Group in 2014, Rob has been involved in the project management and design and delivery of a new suite of management training programmes the EU institutions.

Rob has a degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering. In his consultancy, coaching and training he draws on the Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions (HATS) and Radical Collaboration suite of tools to support individual and team collaboration and the patterns provided by Sociociracy 3.0 to support intra and inter-organisational collaboration.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Rob Bigge, Anita Sheehan and Gerry Murray