Yoga for Every Body

06dec18:3019:30Yoga for Every BodySlow, intense & deeply relaxing!18:30 - 19:30

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We focus on the shoulders, back, hips & thighs, releasing deep layers of connective tissue & tapping into the rest & digest response of the nervous system.
Doing the same movement to the same joints over & over, like running or cycling? Give your joints a chance to recover with long, relaxed, static stresses that stimulate regeneration of the cartilage & synovial fluid, keeping the joints lubricated.
Similarly, if you are sitting at a desk every day, your body will support the position you hold most. To save energy, your body builds extra layers of connective tissue & the front side of your body shortens, pulling your shoulders & spine forward. Then, when you do move you are stiffer. Connective tissues need to be gently stretched in the opposite direction & given time to let go their strong hold.
Either sitting or lying on the mat, we get very comfortable & then hold the pose for a few minutes; it’s a combination of intensity & letting go. In between, there’s a bit of movement to get the energy flowing again.
You won’t sweat, in fact, you may feel colder as the body goes into regenerative mode (so bring long-sleeved layers & socks).
I’ll explain what each pose is doing for you & give variations to take into account the anatomical uniqueness of the human body. You don’t need to be flexible & we don’t do pretzels or standing on your head.
Let the slow unwinding of Yin work its magic on your body!
Your coach : Tracey Hamill.
Time: Wendsday 18.30 – 19.30
Place: Transforma bxl – Innovation Garden
If you have a yoga mat, you can bring it, otherwise let me know when you are signing up & I can bring you a mat. 😉
Trial class: 10 Euro
Drop-in: 15 Euro (12 Euro for Transforma bxl members)
Yoga mat rental: 1 Euro