Chalks Richard Corriette – President at PTPI

My purpose on this planet is; to play a leading role in creating a brilliant world that we can all be proud of. I am known as a consulting social entrepreneur.

I have been involved with the world Economic Forum annual meeting at Davos, the UN World HIV/Aids conference, International Red Cross malaria projects in Africa, employee development in India, World social entrepreneurs congress in Brazil, carbon neutral projects in Bhutan, employee human rights issues in Myanmar and issues of dyslexia, ADHD and autism in Belgium.

Currently I am President of People to People International Belgium, European chair and a member of the Global Board of Directors. I am also a Scout leader and a board member of Serve the City Belgium. My business (EMIT sprl – Extraordinary Moments In Time) covers fields such as relocation, technology, project management, sport, functional teams, accommodation, media and events.

My qualifications represent my passion for being polyvalent – hotel and catering, logistics, sport and dance, project management, media, NLP and CSR. I have an appetite for all things people and community.

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