Chalks Richard Corriette – EMIT network

Our organisation is dedicated to helping you get things done, no matter what it is. We do this through our business and social services and, also through our personal connections and actions.

At EMIT we co-create solutions with individuals, clubs, NGOs, Multinationals and SMEs anywhere in the world; these are our key communities. People want life and work to be more delightful. Our aim is to support our communities to achieve this. In the turbulent years ahead, the unique and distinct qualities of people must be harnessed so that the brilliance the world is calling for will materialise.

Our values are – Simplicity, Decency, Imagination, Confidence, Excitement and Unity.

One of the clients that I support:

At Fervor, Chalks is: a creative in our European Project Office. His role fulfills our clients’ and team’s needs for exceptional planning, delivery and lots of hugging. Chalks serves as a uniting point between Fervor’s main office and our clients in Europe.

DHL + UN + NGOs: His heart for problem-solving propelled Chalks forward into corporate roles with DHL, even working with the United Nations and NGOs as a link to the business world. Particularly when a natural disaster occurred, Chalks as Global VP of Corporate Citizenship utilized his logistics abilities to move aid material where it was most needed. “I found myself constantly going to big events, visiting with heads of state and heads of government, faith-based leaders and titans of industry. I got to talk to some incredible people on these projects, from Desmond Tutu to Colin Powell. I learned so much from being involved with these figures who most of us only see on television . . . I often had to pinch myself. I’ve been very lucky.”

Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without . . . Chalks’ strong connections and networks: “I’m a real people person and, for me, it all has to do with keeping people connected and delivering that strong sense of service. I’m eager to capitalize on the communities and relationships I have across Europe for Fervor. I work towards a world where everyone is included and happy.”

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