Majdoulyne Nabhan – Empowering Young People

When you think of a role model, who do you think of? For many youth from immigrant origin in Belgium it is a struggle to picture positive role models that reflect their own backgrounds and culture—leaving some of them isolated, alienated, and vulnerable to criminal and extremist recruitment.

Missaly is a non-profit organization (founded in October 2016) which aims at encouraging young people of immigrant descent to believe in themselves and invest in their own future in order to get better jobs through better education despite obstacles and discrimination.

Missaly organizes events in schools (from 5th grade of primary) and associations during which a community of volunteers share their experience (educational and professional levels) with the students. These volunteers – the Missaly Ambassadors – come from various ethno-cultural backgrounds (mainly Moroccan, Albanian, Iranian, African).

I am Belgian with Syrian origins, I grew up in Damascus and came to Belgium for my studies. After 8 years working in finance (and 2 kids) I founded Missaly because I strongly believe we can all make a change and reinforce a positive message.

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