Simon Pickard – Business Development Director at iDAS Global

Prior to joining IDAS Global (CSCI), I spent almost 11 years working in the field of sustainable business innovation. I held various directorial roles at ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society, a Brussels-based international network, designing large-scale and pilot initiatives between multinational companies, leading research institutions, and public agencies such as the European Commission and the United Nations. In this context, I worked closely with global firms like IBM, Unilever, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Solvay and Mazars on topics ranging from Enabling Technologies for E-Health & Low Carbon Economies and Responsible Leadership Development in Africa to The Future Board and Managing the Sustainable Enterprise. I also played leading roles in various multi-million euro research projects funded by the European Union, most recently in the domains of sustainability-driven innovation (business models, processes and management frameworks) and user innovation inspiring sustainable living systems in Europe by 2050. Before my tenure with ABIS, I earned an MBA from HEC Paris (2005) and a Masters Degree from the University of Oxford (1995), spending most of the interim period in New York leading business development for an international education firm, Oxbridge Academic Programs.

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