Cristina Manea – Nutrition therapist at Mange Tout

When I’m happy, I cook. When I’m sad, I cook. Reading about human biology, attending cooking classes, foraging wild plants, learning about essential oils, creating new recipes and ways to get a better hormonal balance – this is how my path as a nutritional therapist started.

Being in my second spring, I have already experienced (almost) all the stages of a woman’s life. I unfortunately missed a step, and I tell myself that if I had known 30 years ago everything I know today, I would have had a chance to become a mother.

Why am I able to help on the nutritional ground? I studied at Cerden, where I obtained a nutritherapy degree in 2016. And also took several trainings in aromatherapy, macrobiotic cooking and energetic support.

What’s on the menu :

  • individual nutrition sessions – finding out your metabolic way of functioning is a very practical way to start some nutritional adjustments
  • individual and group cooking workshops – why not with your team or favourite customer
  • consultancy for an effective hydration
  • energy techniques, aroma touch massage

My specialties: 

  • Importance of a healthy breakfast – with protein and good fats
  • Ideas for healthy snacks and how to use healthy sugars
  • Improve our immunity and focus with live food, wild plants, seaweed and fermented veggies
  • Making its own sourdough bread
  • Parents-children cooking moments
  • Nutritional support for women (hormonal balance) according to each period
  • Yin-yang balance on our plate
  • Cooking on a small budget, zero waste