Laurent Jacovy – CEO, Rodalight

A lighting project ? Meet one of our experts to help you.
Rodalight offers you all its professional skills with more than 40 years experience.

Our design consultants will examine the best solution with you, tailored to your profile and your expectations, taking into account your desires and budget

Designer, distributor, advisor, lighting architect, LED lighting installer… Rodalight handles your project from start to finish. We can also undertake an audit of your business space, to evaluate your current system, replace and install a complete lighting system or alternatively convert the existing system to LEDs… Whatever your project, we will take into account your needs, calculate your return on investment and guide you to the best solution for you, both in terms of efficacy and cost-efficiency!

All these qualities and services make Rodalight a preferred partner for your lighting project. Get in touch with one of our advisers!